Mass Effect Slips to September?

Mass Effect Slips to September?

Published On April 23, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

That’s right Sci-Fi RPG fans, it’s time to shed a tear. News hit the net today from gaming website CVG, who reports that Bioware’s RPG – Mass Effect will not be playing with us in June/July and will instead be slipping down the water-slides of the Summer, and landing in the Autumn pool of September.

This news was announced at a recent official Microsoft event today [where’s the invite guys!? – Ed], although no official word from the Bioware camp has been made as yet. So a spout of free publicity? maybe, not that it needs it. Bioware still states on their community forum that they are still waiting for an ESRB rating. Perhaps today they have recived it, but yet still no official word has been made on their website.

So until we hear it from Bioware’s mouth [or fingers – Ed] then we suggest you take what you read with a pinch of interplanetary salt, until it is confirmed. Should this slip take place it would be a blow to retailers and gamers at the start of what soon becomes the Summer gaming drought.

360 Monster will bring you more news on this as soon as we receive more concrete evidence.

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