Marketplace Round-Up

Marketplace Round Up

Published On September 14, 2006 | By Anthony Barker | News

Quite a few things have been kicking off in the Marketplace so rather than spread them out over a number of posts lets round them all up and cover them all in here. So here we go…

StreetFighter 2: Hyper Fighter Theme and Picture Packs Xbox Live members can now grab hold of a branded theme and pictures for the character Akuma. I have no idea why a StreetFighter Alpha character is on the Marketplace? a sign of things to come perhaps, I can only wish! Anyway the content is available to all except Asia with the theme costing you 150MS points and the picture pack 100MS points.

NHL 07 Trailers A couple of trailers have hit the Xbox Marketplace for EA ice hockey title NHL 07. This free content is available to all except Mexico and most Asian territories. Below is a list of the trailers available.

NHL 07 – EA SPORTS Skill Stick Trailer (720p)
NHL 07 – Next Generation Gameplay Trailer
NHL 07 – Ovechkin-Hanlon Integration Trailer
NHL 07 – Next Generation Dynasty Mode Trailer
NHL 07 – Organic Goalie AI & MOCAP Trailer

NHL 07 Theme Hot off the heels of the NHL 07 trailers we now have a Theme to go alongside it, if this is your thing. Two flavours are up on the Marketplace for the teams that were featured in the recent demo last week. Both The Carolina Hurricanestheme and the Edmonton Oilers Theme cost 150MS points and are available to all except Mexico and most Asian territories.

Kameo: Powerpack Remember that gem of a game — Kameo? Well it’s time to grasp that one back off the shelf and pop that in the drive tray as there is new content available for the title in the form of a ‘Powerpack’. Costing 400MS points and available to all regions, this downloadable content contains three great new co-op modes of play: Expert Mode, Rune Battle Mode, and Time Attack Mode. More details here

NBA 2K7 Demo Ice hockey was SO last week, this week is now Basketball from 2KGames, with the release of the NBA 2K7 demo on the Xbox Live Marketplace. Again us Europeans miss out again on this one, shame on you 2K! Only Canada, Mexico and the U.S. for this one.

Ok that brings you back up to speed with the marketplace… As you were.

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