Marketplace Round Up (13 Feb)

Marketplace Round Up (13 Feb)

Published On February 13, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

Today saw the release of some Xbox Live Marketplace content of the Hip-Hop variety. Three videos featuring the Konsole Kingz can be downloaded on the Marketplace, each video features Hip-Hop star Bonecrusher who welcomes you into his crib, listen to some wise words from the man himself and talk Xbox. Madden fans will enjoy the larger video which features Bonecrusher taking on the Konsole Kingz’ UBETARUN at the game.

Bonecrusher – Konsole Kingz Celebrity Gamer Trailer
Konsole Kingz hots UBETARUN goes to Hip-Hop star Bonecrusher’s crib to find out how he gets down on the games.

Bonecrusher vs UBETARUN – Konsole Kingz Celebrity Challenge
Hip-Hop star Bonecrusher goes head to head with Konsole Kingz host, UBETARUN, on the virtual gridiron of Madden 07. This one could get ugly.

“Come On” Bonecrusher ft. Dead Rising – Konsole Kingz Music 2
Be the first to hear the energetic new single “Come On”, from Hip-Hop star Bonecrusher’s rock band Onslaught. Exclusively on Xbox Live.

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