Madden NFL 08 Review

Madden NFL 08 Review

Published On November 4, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News
Art pads him self up and reviews Madden NFL 08 for Sony’s Playstation 3

“Without a doubt, the Madden franchise is one of the most beloved and scorned titles ever created in video game history. “Hardcore” gamers tend to shun the series because of the lack of innovation, while millions of rabid pigskin fans eat up the title in droves year after year. All you hardcore gamers better grab a tissue to dry your eyes, because Madden is back for another run—and it’s one of the best entries in the series since it made the jump to next-generation consoles.

But don’t get in a big hurry, crazed American football nuts—Madden 08 is not without problems. One of the main and most obvious flaws to the gameplay is the tremendous amount of interceptions and fumbles that occur throughout a game. Just when it seems like you are getting some momentum, your butterfingered receiver, quarterback or running back will act like the football is a hot potato, fumbling it two to four times throughout the course of a five-minute, four quarter game. Interceptions are equally as rampant, but that has more so to do with great defensive AI that pick up on your receivers routes, as well as the tendency for players to throw into tight coverage.”

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