LotR: White Council On Stand-by

LotR: White Council On Stand-by

Published On February 2, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

EA have today announced that they have halted production of the upcoming RPG Lord of the Rings: White Council. The news itself is in all essence quite good as many thought the game had been cancelled at the start of the year, but EA is currently going over the Lord of the Rings movie license and has seen fit to halt any further progress on the new game.

Today EA CFO Warren Jenson confirmed that despite the game not being cancelled, any further work on the title has ceased with no annoucement on when work will once more resume. He went on to state the following,”The Lord of the Rings product is back in development in terms of being on hold,”… (talk about being difficult)

So despite the game not being cancelled White Councils future is far from rosie…

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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