Lost Planet Remains A 360-exclusive

Lost Planet Remains A 360-exclusive, Out in January

Published On September 1, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

After saying at the Leipzig Game Convention last week that 360 title Lost Planet may not remain a 360-exclusive (read our story here), Jun Takeuchi, one of the games producers, has spoken to Gamespot to set the record straight.

After being asked if Lost Planet will be exclusive to Xbox 360, Takeuchi replied
“Lost Planet is an exclusive Xbox 360 title. Typically when the development team sets out to create a game, we focus development of the title on a single platform and for Lost Planet that platform is the Xbox 360. We have no plans at this time of porting to or developing for another console as this would potentially dilute the final product.”

So not quite a fully blown confirmation, but a much more positive response than a few days ago. Futher to the exclusivity query, Takeuchi told Gamespot that Lost Planet is on target to ship this coming January.

You can read the full interview with Jun Takeuchi over at Gamespot.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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