Lose Yourself In Console Monster's Achievement Update (3rd February 2008)

Lose Yourself In Console Monster’s Achievement Update (3rd February 2008)

Published On February 3, 2008 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Courtesy of 360Sync, the achievements for upcoming XBOX 360 title Lost: Via Domus are now available to view on Console Monster. The achievements which can be viewed here, hint at the game having six episodes and six flashbacks.

Game Description
You awake to the blazing sun, the screaming of other passengers, the wreckage of Oceanic flight 815. And no memory of what has happened. In LOST™: Via Domus, you must fight for your survival by exploring the island, uncovering its dark secrets, and piecing together the fragments of your own furtive past. Find your redemption, find your way home.

Lost: Via Domus will be released later this month. Staying on the subject of achievements, Console Monster has added the following five achievement lists since the last update:

Half Life 2: The Orange Box (99 achievements worth 1000 GamerScore)
Hellboy (31 achievements worth 1000 GamerScore)
Rez HD (12 achievements worth 200 GamerScore)
Tron (12 achievements worth 200 GamerScore)

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