Linking a PC Hard-Drive to your 360

Linking a PC Hard-Drive to your 360

Published On December 1, 2005 | By Russ Clow | News

Some of us aren’t lucky enough to have a 360 Premium package coming tomorrow, nor do we want to spend £70 on a HD seperately…

However, all is not lost!  The genius’ at have worked out a simple way of linking up a normal PC hard-drive to your XBox 360 in-order to add more storage.  We’re not sure whether you can actually save you Xbox 360 games onto it, however, you CAN put your mp3 collection on the HD and then link it up, leaving space on your memory unit or official HD for gamesaves.  All you need is:

ANY PC Hard-Drive
A USB 2.0 to ATA Adapter

Now, simply format the drive as FAT32.  If it’s over 32GB of space, you may need to use software such as Partition Magic.

Now add the Files you want onto the hard-drive and link it up to the 360.

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[Thanks Joystiq]

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