Konami 'Earth-Shaking' News! Updated!

Konami ‘Earth-Shaking’ News! Updated!

Published On February 4, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

Konami of America has announced today that they will be releasing ’Earth-Shaking’ News regarding their company and new titles they will be releasing on all platforms in 2007.

’’Check back to this space on Monday for several major announcements on new games from Konami! From new franchises to returning favorites, you won’t want to miss the earth-shaking news. You heard it here first! ’’

So, what is all this big news about? Many believe that Zone of Enders will be releasing on the PlayStation 3, and many Solid Snake fans hope that Hideo will announce Metal Gear Solid 4: The Patriots on the Xbox 360 for release in ’07, What do you think the ’Earth Shattering’ news could be? Let us know via the comments box below.

Update 1: Nothing to see here folks!

Unlucky for owners of Microsoft’s Xbox 360, as nothing has came from this ’Earth-Shaking’ News promised by Konami!

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