Kasabian are on the Marketplace

Kasabian are on the Marketplace

Published On December 13, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

The UK marketplace has got seven new music videos from Kasabian. The videos are a result of a new partnership with Sony BMG but at 230 points each (and one at 280) they are really for Kasabian fans only.

Heres a full list of videos available now from the marketplace:

  • Shoot the Runner (280 MS Points)
  • Empire (230 MS Points)
  • Club Foot (230 MS Points)
  • Processed Beats (230 MS Points)
  • Reason is Treason (230 MS Points)
  • LSF (230 MS Points)
  • Cutt Off (230 MS Points)

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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