Kameo Co-op Patch Now Available

Kameo Co-op Patch Now Available

Published On April 1, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

RARE today announced that they have released three new content packs for the Xbox 360 game Kameo. It’s probably not the best time to release the patch as so many gamers will have traded in or forgotten about Kameo, but even so to a lot of fans it’s a welcome addition to the game.

Kameo Content

Co-op Pack:
Players can now team up over Xbox Live and go through the campaign with their chums. Co-op is also available through a system-link.
Cost – FREE

Masquerade Pack:
This includes ten new costumes for players to use. The costumes include outfits from classic RARE titles.
Cost – 200GP

Warrior Pack:
With this pack players can download a batch of ‘fright-themed’ costumes so you can make your character look scary.
Cost – 200GP

The packs are available now, through the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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