Japanese Launch a Failure?

Japanese Launch a Failure?

Published On February 2, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Talking with Japanese publication Famitsu, Microsoft have admitted that the 360 launch didn’t go quite as according to plan.

“We couldn’t prepare the launch titles we had promised,” commented Xbox Japan operational chief Yoshihiro Maruyama, “We also received criticisms toward our promotions, that people don’t understand what high definition is. The Xbox 360’s main appeal is high definition, but we couldn’t successfully convey it.”

An unusual admission to make, as I was always under the impression that Japan had a very high appeal for the new television technology.

However, whoever is right or wrong regarding the high definition argument, the truth still remains that Microsoft have had serious issues shifting the console in Japan. The 360 has sold just half the number the original XBOX did in Japan, a worrying statistic for XBOX fans and Microsoft alike.

Microsoft know they need to break Japan to ensure the XBOX receives the world wide dominance it strives for. What Microsoft will do to ensure they acheive, that is another story.

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