J Allard hits 10K Gamerscore

J Allard hits 10K Gamerscore

Published On January 16, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

During our usual stalking of Microsoft’s very own J Allard, we discovered that the shiny headed legend has hit the 10K mark on his gamerscore!

J is one of the first gamers to hit 10,000 points – a huge landmark on the gamerscore system.

The games that have contributed towards that immense score include:

Robotron: 2084  SCORE: 115

Geometry Wars Evolved  SCORE: 110

American Wasteland  SCORE: 850

Condemned: Criminal Origins  SCORE: 540

NBA Live 06   SCORE: 685

Madden NFL 06   SCORE: 1000 (FULL SCORE!)

Amped 3    SCORE:  1000  (FULL SCORE!)

NBA 2K6   SCORE:   1000 (FULL SCORE!)

King Kong   SCORE:  1000  (FULL SCORE!)

…and so on.

Mind you, he’s got a slight head-start over everyone else, being part of the launch team and all.

Not only did he start playing the 360 way before we even got a first-glimpse, but he basically gets every single game on his doorstep, again way before everyone else!  He’s played a total of 32 games, including Arcade games.

Anyway, congrats to the chap.  How long before he reaches 20K?

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