It's time for some Sensible football!

It’s time for some Sensible football!

Published On March 14, 2007 | By Russ Clow | News

Codemasters have just confirmed to 360Monster that Sensible World of Soccer will be hitting the Xbox 360 Live Arcade this summer!

We all know that there are many different versions of Sensible Soccer, but the one that we’ll be seeing on the Live Arcade is, by far, the best one – the 1996 edition – Sensible World of Soccer.

Peer Lawther assure us that the game will not be changing gameplay wise from the original we all played and loved. He did tell us that we can expect a High-Definition graphics option on the game.

The Director of the game said: “Mode 1 will be the original Amiga game (we haven’t touched the core game code) with enhanced graphics and enhanced game features. Mode 2 will be the actual original Amiga game from the mid-90s.”

Control-wise, the simple one button control system will take place once again. The only button you’ll need is the ’A’ button!

More information on the game can be found here.

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