It 'took years' to rebuild Assassin's Creed engine for Unity's co-op

It ‘took years’ to rebuild Assassin’s Creed engine for Unity’s co-op, says dev

Published On June 24, 2014 | By David Wriglesworth | News

It “took years” of development to rebuild the Assassin’s Creed engine for the online co-op gameplay that’s featured in Assassin’s Creed Unity, according to senior producer Vincent Pontbriand.

Fans have called for the ability to play AC games co-operatively for some time, yet the series has only just received the feature in its seventh iteration.

In a recent interview with CVG, Pontbriand explained why the studio has taken this long to implement the feature.

“Because it’s very complicated to do,” he said. “Assassin’s Creed was always a single-player game to begin with. It took us three games to introduce PvP (player versus player) [into Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood].”

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