Is there no Hope for Faith?

Is there no Hope for Faith?

Published On February 1, 2009 | By Lauren Wainwright | News

One of the titles that I was very excited about this time last year was the news of Deadline Games co-op shooter ‘Faith and a .45’. Set in the 1920’s-30’s, it seemed to be a refreshing break from the general ‘manly shooters’ populating the market (at the time) and it was nice to see some ‘bonnie and clyde’ styled characters blow up barrels and men with cowboy hats… not that I have anything against cowboy hats…

It seems that Faith and a .45 has struggled to obtain a publisher and therefore has been put in limbo until someone becomes interested. This is surprising seeing that a lot of people are interested in this title and it would be great to get some original IP’s out while we are swimming in a sea of sequels and remakes.

Where are EA and Ubi when you need them?

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