Is GTA IV the most expensive videogame ever made?

Is GTA IV the most expensive videogame ever made?

Published On May 1, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

GTA IV is possibly the most expensive videogame that has ever been made. That is according to the producer of the game Leslie Benzies who estimated that the production cost was around $100 million.

Speaking to the Times Online, Benzies stated that the game was in production for over three and a half years and that more than 1000 people worked on the title.

With around 200 music tracks included in the game, rumours suggest that music alone costed Rockstar $1 million in costs to artists and licensing companies.

If the figure is correct then GTA IV will overtake the $70 million budget that was for Sega’s Shenmue on the Dreamcast (a surprise in itself!).

Sales records have already been smashed for the title and analysts are predicting that the game could gross a staggering $400 million by the end of its first week on sale.

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