Inside the Next-Gen Godfather

Inside the Next-Gen Godfather

Published On August 18, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

In an interview with, Micheal Perry (the Creative Director of the Godfather) has given us some new information about the Xbox 360 rendition of The Godfather. In the interview, Perry ensures us that the Xbox 360 version will not be the average graphically enhanced port that we have seen many games do to become “next-gen”. Instead, the game will be upgraded entirely. He has assured us that we should expect alot more from the game other than a fresh coat of paint.

According to Perry, the world of The Godfather has been graphically upgraded completly. From the blades of grass to facades of building; everything has been enhanced or remodeled. But this was expected from the game already. It is quite evident from images and words alike that the visual side of the Xbox 360’s rendition of The Godfather was worth the wait. However, Perry mentioned that besides the game’s slick new looks it will also offer a greatly enhanced AI. The 360’s “Godfather” will boast deeply intensified car chases that the Xbox couldn’t handle. Also this time around, police can communicate with each other and will be carrying shotguns.

Perry also mentions that The Godfather’s world will have a much larger population, something the Xbox 360 can handle and the Xbox can’t.

To read the entire interview click right here.

Originally Written By: Steve Wysowski

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