Infinity Bored - MW2 Cutscenes Cloned & Reskinned for Ghosts

Infinity Bored – MW2 Cutscenes Cloned & Reskinned for Ghosts

Published On November 6, 2013 | By Sam Finch | News

In an almost incredible move,Infinity Ward have tested the boundaries of what can be claimed as easter egg territory. YouTube user satantribal posted this video, which shows, side by side, an ending cutscene from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2and a very early cutscene fromCall of Duty: Ghosts, out on general release for PS3 and Xbox 360 yesterday.

Whether this is a bold stunt, or an easter egg sequestered in the game exclusively for the notice of the series’ committed fans is up for debate, but in a game so focussed on the theatrics and cinema present in its single player content, this seems an awfully lacklustre occasion of unparalleled laziness. IW might be wise to at least try and convince us they’re not just cutting and pasting singe player moments, lest they may aswell releaseCall of Duty: Greatest Hits this time the year after next.

Bold, bored or brainless? This video shows that scenes fromGhosts are clear rips straight fromModern Warfare 2.

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