HMV - Free Sega Game

HMV – Free Sega Game

Published On March 18, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

HMV have teamed up with Sega for the european playstation 3 release [March 23rd ’07] HMV are giving away a free Playstation 3 title of ’Virtual Tennis 3’ to the first 150 customers to buy a PS3 at their Oxford Street Branch in London on Friday from 7am. HMV ’Oxford Branch’ wanted to open their store at Midnight but with a recent report from police, worried that they’ll see more violence, muggings, theft as seen across America, they’ve decided to open up earlier in the morning to protect their customers.

Just to be clear, all other HMV retailers will be open at midnight to sell you a shiny Playstation 3.

HMV has released a statement about opening their store earlier in the morning which for them is the most practical response to various sets of circumstances”

So do you live in London? are you going to be buying a PS3 this Friday? Let us know via the comment box below.

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