Heroes game confirmed

Heroes game confirmed

Published On July 26, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

It’s been confirmed today a game based on the critically acclaimed US TV show Heroes is to be published by Ubisoft. But don’t get your hopes up for some superhero action any time soon, the game isn’t expected to hit store shelves until late 2008.

Tim Kring, executive producer and creator of Heroes told the Hollywood Reporter:
“We’re very excited to be making the Heroes video game with Ubisoft. Time and again, Ubisoft has proven they can turn licensed properties into fantastic games.”

Heroes co-executive producer Jesse Alexander added:
“From Day 1 we’ve all been thinking about the game. All along we’ve been writing some of our stories in ways they can tie into the eventual video game. We want it to have a lasting shelf-life and tell a distinctive story that gives you enhanced insight into the entire franchise.”

Although the story is not expected to be an exact retelling of the events of the show, but the game is expected the follow most of the characters from the show. For those who missed it first time around on the Sci-Fi Channel, you can watch Heroes on BBC2 on Wednesday evenings at 9pm. Our US visitors can look forward to Season 2 of Heroes on NBC from September 24th.

Sticking with Ubisoft at Comic Con, the Hollywood Reporter also states that the first trailer for LOST will be soon at Comic Con. We’ll keep you posted with any updates.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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