Harmonix's Rock Band won't be so expensive

Harmonix’s Rock Band won’t be so expensive

Published On May 20, 2007 | By Chris Taylor | News

Ever since we heard about Rock Band, we were worried about the pricing. Many rumors were floating around the forums that it would be over £100. But Harmonix’s art director Ryan Lesser has put us at ease and has stopped most of us from applying for a loan to buy it.

He says, “There’s no way we’re going to make a game that people are not going to be happy about buying. We scrutinise every little piece that goes into every peripheral to make sure that it’s affordable and still really high quality.”

“I think when it’s just rumour and no one has anything tangible to hold on to, people can be afraid — but the fact is we’re very conscious of it, and we’re doing our best to make it awesome and affordable.”

Rock Band is a step up from Guitar Hero and gives you, not only a guitar, but drums, vocals and bass so you can rock out with your mates as a band.

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