Halo 3 Teaser Video

Halo 3 Teaser Video

Published On September 12, 2007 | By Anthony Barker | News

Not that it needs it or anything, but Microsoft have rolled out a viral marketing teaser trailer today to help build up even more hype for its upcoming shooter…that would be Halo 3 then. This teaser is just a small taste of a new trailer that will be launching across the interweb this coming Friday at 17:00 GMT.

“A hero is more than a person, a hero is a belief. A belief that, against impossible odds, the world can be saved—and that the world is still worth saving. Heroes inspire that belief in us. They renew our faith and give us that most precious of all gifts—hope. The world needs heroes. That’s why, when a true hero arrives, the world will honor him.” Spouts the words from Xbox.com

The trailer shows no in-game footage, no doubt this will be saved for this Friday’s showing, but what we see is a first-hand tail from the men who served alongside the Master Chief in the Battle for New Mombasa.

Click on to view the streaming video over in our media area, then pop back here and let us know if you “Believe”.

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