Halo 3 Teaser Trailer FAQ

Halo 3 Teaser Trailer FAQ

Published On May 13, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

As many have realized, Halo 3 was revealed to the world at this years E3. As soon as the trailer finished, gamers started thinking up wild and ridiculous ‘theorys’ as to the plot and content of Bungies new title.

Well Bungie have released a new Halo 3 FAQ, which uncovers a little bit more about the announcement trailer. I have to warn you though that many of the answers are very vague and most of the really important info is being kept behind locked doors at Bungie HQ.

Even so some of the answers are quite intersting to say the least so take a look at the Halo 3 FAQ below.

QWhat kind of game is Halo 3?
AHalo 3 is a story-driven action game, a first-person shooter featuring the classic gameplay you’ve come to expect from Halo: Combat Evolved and Halo 2.

QWhat systems is Halo 3 available for?
AHalo 3 is being made for the Xbox 360.

QWhen does Halo 3 come out?
AHalo 3 will be released at an as-yet to be announced date in 2007. The final release date will be revealed at a future time

QWhat kind of graphics can we expect from Halo 3?
AHalo 3’s graphics will include the features seen in the real-time trailer and more, these are rendered using a new graphics engine, making the most of next-gen features like HDR (High Dynamic Range) lighting, pre-computed radiance transfer, and much, much more. The game will also take full advantage of the Xbox 360’s HDTV capabilities

QDid you say real-time trailer?
AYes. The trailer shown at E3 in 2006 was rendered in real-time using the in-game engine. All of the assets shown were running on an Xbox 360 debug kit and the trailer was built using the current engine and development tools. The development process continues and new graphics features may be added or changed at any time

QDoes Halo 3 support Xbox Live?
AYes, Halo 3 supports all major features of Xbox Live although our game-specific features have not been announced at this time.

QWhat classic Halo features will be returning in Halo 3 ?
AWe have not announced any specific gameplay features at this time

QDoes Halo 3 support HDTV resolutions like 720p or 1080i?
AHalo 3 will support all of the Xbox 360’s output resolutions, same as every other game.

QWhat is the plot of Halo 3?
A – The details of the plot have yet to be revealed. Suffice to say, the Chief has returned to Earth. The Covenant has uncovered a massive and ancient artifact under the African soil and Cortana is still trapped in the clutches of the Gravemind.

QWhat’s new in Halo 3?
ABeyond the continuing story and new graphics features, we have not yet revealed any details about the content of Halo 3

QIs this the last ever Halo game?
AIt is the conclusion to this story arc

Q – Does Halo 3 support downloadable content?
A – We have not yet discussed those details

Q What was that crazy huge dome buried under Earth?
AWe’re not saying, but Halo fans may recognize something about its design

QI noticed the Master Chief’s armor was scraped and damaged, what happened to him?
ALots of things

QI also noticed Master Chief’s gloves had changed. Does that mean it’s Mjolnir Mark VII?
AWe haven’t revealed that yet . Don’t jump to any conclusions

Q Which characters will be returning in Halo 3?
A Well as you can see from the trailer, at a minimum, we’ll see the Chief and Cortana in some shape or form. And I believe Banshee pilots…

QWhat about the Music in Halo 3?
A The same team responsible for Halo’s award winning music and sound design are working on Halo 3

Q What’s up with all the trumpets?
A Could it be triumph? Or a musical exclamation point to signal a finale? It could be all kinds of things, but Marty is really outdoing himself this time.

QWhat about the Covenant civil war? Are Elites our friends now?
AThat’s plot. Unless you see something in a new trailer, or spot a clue, you’re not going to get any plot until the game ships. That’s how we roll. You’ll just have to play and see

QWill the Arbiter be back?
A See above

QI spotted an Easter Egg in the trailer after I watched it a few times. How do you explain that?
AThe New Mombasa City Council had an incredibly efficient public works department until and even during the tragic and devastating Covenant invasion

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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