Halo 3 Public Beta Coming in Spring

Halo 3 Public Beta Coming in Spring

Published On November 15, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Today marks the fifth anniversary of the US release of Halo: Combat Evolved and to celebrate, Microsoft and Bungie have announced a public multiplayer beta of Halo 3 in the Spring of 2007. A small portion of the multiplayer section of the game will be available to play and by doing so, you’ll be providing Bungie with valuable information about how you play Halo 3 Multiplayer.

Second among the announcements is that the first Halo 3 commercial will be shown on US TV next month. During Monday Night Football on December 4th, the commercial will be shown. But don’t go thinking it’ll be real-time footage that’ll blow the PS3 out of the water. Bungie confirmed that, because of time constraints, the commercial is completely CG. Digital Domain, the makers of the commercial, were provided with character models from the game and have “polished them up to movie CGI standards, animated them and rendered them to a degree of stunning beauty.”

Shortly after the commercial airs on TV, it will be available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace in 720p. The next instalment in the “Making of” series will also become available soon after the commercial airs.

Last, but by no means least, is the announcement that new Halo 2 Maps will be available to download from the Xbox Live Marketplace sometime in Spring and yes, because it’s on the Marketplace, this does mean it’s only available to Xbox 360 owners.

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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