Halo 3 not going to be released in 2006?

Halo 3 not going to be released in 2006?

Published On January 31, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

First we were told that it will launch in conjunction with Sony’s Playstation 3, by Bill Gates, in an attempt to steal some of the thunder.  Then Gates backtracked on that comment saying that even Microsoft didn’t know when the game was going to be released and he was simply speculating.

Now, a rumour has been flying around that Halo 3 won’t even see 2006!  Kotaku published scan of an email that was apparently sent out by US Retailer Gamestop.  The email said: “Microsoft has stated that Halo 3 WILL NOT be released in 2006.”

Both Kotaku and a Gamestop insider has confirmed that the email is real, but we’re not so sure.

A Microsoft representative told Eurogamer:  “We have not made any announcements in regards to Bungie Studios’ next project. When we have more information to release on the Halo franchise, we will share it.”

So in reality, we have no idea if the email is true, or a hoax.

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