Halo 3 Disk Replacement

Halo 3 Disk Replacement

Published On September 26, 2007 | By Reece Warrender | News

Unfortunately many gamers have found out that their fresh copy of Halo 3 (particularly the limited edition copy) had been scratched to an unplayable state. This is the result of a poor disk holder design on Microsoft’s part. However good old Microsoft has already started offering replacements for any scratched Halo 3 disks (don’t you just love them). Whilst this service will set you back $20 and take two weeks, it is still appreciated for any gamers that could not get a direct refund from their store of choice.

This problem is confirmed by David Dennis, a Microsoft spokesman stating: “We have identified that there are some instances of blemishes on discs as a result of the packaging, this is a small fraction of the total number of Halo 3 games shipped and sold, and is a limited production version of the game.”

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*Update* – It would seem that the Halo 3 Limited Edition Game Disc and Essentials Disc can be replaced with no charge through until 12/31/07. Thanks goes to ‘o LuckSod o’ for finding this!

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