Hacking hits Left 4 Dead 360

Hacking hits Left 4 Dead 360

Published On December 10, 2008 | By Lauren Wainwright | News

Many gamers online experience is being ruined again by hackers on the Xbox 360. Their target this time is Valve’s latest title Left 4 Dead. An Artstechnica reader contacted the website complaining of strange spawns when joining a match;

“…I am a huge fan of Left 4 Dead; unfortunately, I don’t have a PC that can handle the game, so I play on my 360,” he wrote. “Versus mode is a blast, but recently, I joined a game and found myself in a safe house at the beginning of a chapter. Suddenly, about 30 witches spawned in the safe house with me, followed by two tanks.”

It seems that with a bit of technical know how, fans of the game have managed to bring up the in game console allowing huge spawns of Witches and Tanks, Infinite Life and even giant versions of enemies and survivors alike. The tutorial was uploaded onto YouTube but after the news spreading the tutorial has since been removed.

It’s odd that the owner of the video doesn’t believe they have ‘ruined’ the game for anyone. I don’t know about you but when I want to play a fun match and 30 witches turn up in the safe house… I don’t find that very fair or fun. I find it very frustrating actually. Along with modded controllers and people who sit in glitches. STOP IT! The above video is a good laugh to watch however and hopefully Valve will get this problem fixed as soon as possible.

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