Guitar Hero 4 will 'innovate the series'

Guitar Hero 4 will ‘innovate the series’

Published On May 9, 2008 | By Rob Rymond | News

Guitar Hero 4 will be released during the Christmas period, Activision CEO Mike Griffith has announced. With an emphasis on the series continuing to innovate to compete with Rock Band, the game will provide something fresh for fans.

He commented:

“We’ve put a lot of additional development resources, a lot of additional music licenses resources, a lot of additional hardware supplier resources against the title to fuel growth over next year. We’re excited by the increased musical content and innovation we’re bringing. We do expect a leap forward in innovation with our holiday launch, and we’re about two weeks away from providing very specific details on that.”

It was talked about last month that other instruments and vocals could feature in the series, competing with Rock Band, though fans may prefer to see the focus on guitars and not a pleothra of other instruments.

The next in the series, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is out next month on the 30th and we’ll bring you a review then.

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