Greenpeace wants Greener Gaming

Greenpeace wants Greener Gaming

Published On December 12, 2007 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Organisation, Greenpeace, have looked at the three next-generation consoles and they don’t like what they have found. A statement on their websites says: “In gamespace, everybody wants to save the world. But back here on planet Earth, games consoles contain deadly agents of real destruction: toxic chemicals that shouldn’t be there.”

Greenpeace has set up a site called Clash of the Consoles, featuring Master Chief, Kratos, and Mario for 360, PS3 and Wii respectively to compare the systems’ Earth-friendliness which aims to educate gamers and to encourage gamers to write to game manufacturers insisting that they adopt “greener” practices.

Greenpeace awarded the Wii with the lowest energy use (at 15W), the 360 for its toxic policy and the PS3 for its recycling credits and toxic policy but are they right to be so concerned about games consoles? Leave a comment with your opinion!

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