Get Ready for some Saints Row bling!

Get Ready for some Saints Row bling!

Published On September 3, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

According to Saints Rows will soon be getting a new downloadable accessory pack for your character.

The site shows some pics of the new accessorys and they are either very good fakes or the real thing. It also was revealed along with the pics that the release date of the new pack would be September the 15th.

The new pack will include the following:

Samurai Helmet
Leather Eye Patch
Fake Tuxedo Shirt
Short Sleeve Tropical Shirt
Spiked Leather Jacket
Leopard/Tiger Skin Boxers
Leather Chaps
Crazy Bunny Slippers
Skull Ring
Saints Row Medallion
Saints Row Wrist Band

Panther (Small)
Panther (Large)

Like we said before none of this has been confirmed and it could simply be the work of an experienced photoshopper. We will let you know once THQ confirm the existence of a the new pack.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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