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Get 80,000 Gamerpoints For …… HOW MUCH ?

Published On October 7, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

The man at the top of the gamerscore leaderboards (if he can be classed as a man) Rance6 is officially selling his 80,868 points gamertag complete with HDD and practically every arcade title released.

He is selling his GT as he is switching to the dark side of the gaming force and is looking to buy Sonys PS3. He is probably looking to take control of the (rather similar to gamerscore) PS3 entitlements leaderboards.

As for the price, well its high and its getting higher by the second. It’s currently at $5000, but with 3 days left I wouldn’t be surprised if it hit somewhere in the region of eight to ten thousand dollars.

Rance6 Gamertag – HERE

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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