Gears cost More

Gears cost More

Published On August 6, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Along with the release date Epic also revealed that their new title Gears of War would have a price tag of $59.99. This is in fact the first Microsoft published title to be released with a price tag above $49.99.

Microsoft commented on the beefed up price by saying – “It’s up to publishers to value their games and it’s up to the market to decide if publishers get it right. Of course, every game will be evaluated for value on a case-by-case basis-that won’t change. As for us, we will ship our games at parity pricing with the current generation.

No doubt the game despite it larger price tag will sell out everywhere. Maybe Epic realised just how much hype surrounded the new FPS title and thought it was an easy way to make a little bit more money.

Either way with so many gamers anticipating its release we can only hope that it lives up to not only its hype but also its new more expensive price tag.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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