GC2006 Xbox Press Event

GC2006 Xbox Press Event

Published On August 23, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Well, here I am at Leipzig and news is still pouring in. Chris Lewis, Regional Vice President for Microsoft outlined how they are on the way to hit their sales targets. With 1.3 Million units in Europe and 5 Million worldwide, there is no doubting that the 360 is getting into gamers hands. MS are confident that thte 10 Million unit by X-Mas is still on the cards and with the confirmed stock availablility for the holiday season, everyone that wants to get next-gen gaming may only have one safe bet this year.

Also mentioned was the increase of the number of areas in Europe that the 360 will be heading to. In the next few months new 360 and Live friends will be coming from Poland, Hungary and Slovakia. More victims for the elite of Halo 2? Time will tell but this is great news to see Microsoft commited to stretching the boundries for 360.

The News of EA’s Fifa 07 and Pro Evo 6 being 12 Month 360 exclusives got thte biggest response. EA’s Hugues Ricour, the Producer of Fifa 07 mentioned additions to AI and the animation system but he also talked about Broadcasted content which will filter down news and podcasts direct to Fifa 07 while you play. This could mean that everything that happens with real teams could effect your game. As the preess event rounded out with. “We Own Football” and it is hard to disagree.

Footage will be on shortly for the press event and also for footage of the latest games at the show.

See you soon!

Originally Written By: Barrie Rogers

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