Game Specific Codes to Remain for Online Wii Titles

Game Specific Codes to Remain for Online Wii Titles

Published On March 15, 2007 | By Console Monster | News

Despite announcing that GameSpy would be providing the middleware for Wii Online games just a few days ago, it seems the dream of one Wii Code for your entire system is simply that…a dream.

Wii: Definitive speculation’s Falafelkid contacted GameSpy recently with a few questions about what GameSpy would actually be bringing to the Wii.

“Falafelkid: I would like to know if I am right in assuming that the features mentioned (friend rosters, advanced matchmaking capabilities and comprehensive rankings data) suggest a single, unified online platform for each console, rather than one which is dependent on individual games (as is the case with the DS).

GameSpy: GameSpy’s technology does allow for features that could span multiple games. With the Nintendo Wii, however, the multiplayer features are title-specific.

Falafelkid: But is that the case for all Wii online titles across the board?

GameSpy: Yes, that is the case for Wii titles.

Falafelkid: Just one last question to make absolutely sure I have got this right, please. If I have a friend roster in one game, that roster will not be available to me in any other game. I have to build up an entirely new list for each title, right?

GameSpy: The answer to your question is yes, for the Wii friend lists are game specific.”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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