First details for GOW 2 multiplayer

First details for GOW 2 multiplayer

Published On May 24, 2008 | By Chris Taylor | News

We’ve seen the first details of the online modes for Gears of War 2, the sequel to the award winning game from Epic, and man, do they look good!

First off, the amount of players in a match has been increased. Instead of a measly 8 we now get 10. Not a big jump, but it’s still more players. Two new gameplay modes have been announced along side it. “Meatflag” is basically Capture The Flag but with a twist. The flag is a person. The “flag” stays in the middle of the map and has to defend themselves from both teams. The team’s goal is to shoot the “flag” down and drag them to the team’s base by using the “flag” as a “meat shield” which is basically taking the “flag” hostage. Second is “Wingman”, which sees two teams of 5 in a face off. Assassination mode has been renamed “Guardian” and a few tweaks have been made to this mode too. Instead of being unable to respawn, if you die, providing you’re not the team leader, you will respawn until the team leader is dead. The game ends when the team leader and the whole team is dead.

Two new maps, “River” and “Security” have been announced. “River” is a symmetrical map with perfect sniping spots at either side of the river. “Security” is a map with two special weapons at either side. The problem? They’re guarded by deadly laser turrets. However, these turrets can be switched off for 20 seconds via a button in the middle of the map. Looks like team work will be needed to get these weapons.

Speaking of weapons, the “Medusa” is a newbie to the Gears of War world but in no way should be underestimated. This beast of a weapons shoots six shells with each shot. Many people are going to be looking like Swiss cheese after being hit with this weapon. “Bullet shields” are also included in the game. It needs no explanation really, the clue is in the name. These bullet deflecting shields can be carried or, apparently, can be used as fixable cover by sticking them in the ground. The “Scorcher” is also a nice sounding new weapon. It is essentially a flamethrower capable of grilling anyone to a crisp that happens to be in the way. Grenades can also be stuck to walls now as well as enemies. A new grenade is the poison grenade. Any one that lingers in the cloud will die. If stuck to an enemy it will not only kill the enemy, but any team mates near to that enemy.

As well as all this, while you are waiting to respawn you can fly around the map i n”ghost cam” mode and even take screenshots of the match to upload online.

Impressed by the new features or disappointed? Leave a comment below with your opinions.

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