First Dead Rising 2 trailer features cocktails?

First Dead Rising 2 trailer features cocktails?

Published On April 28, 2009 | By Chris Taylor | News

When Dead Rising 2 was announced not too long back, I broke out my Zombie Survival Guide and baseball bat and cracked a few skulls. Having just been released from prison for cracking the skulls*, I discover Capcom have released the first full trailer of Dead Rising 2.

Kotaku also released a preview of the game from their demo at Captivate which we weren’t able to go to. We cried for a bit.

You can watch the truly amazing video below in which Chuck rams zombies with a mooses head, cracks roulette tables over zombie heads…and drinks a cocktail. Only in Las Vegas!

*Chris does not condone the use of violence to celebrate the release of video games and didn’t actually go to prison. He also apologises for the poor joke. He is currently being held on probation in the Console Monster dungeon.

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