FIFA 09 (360) Review

FIFA 09 (360) Review

Published On October 7, 2008 | By Reece Warrender | News
Craig brings us his impressions on FIFA 09 in our review for the 360

“Year after year EA’s FIFA team have to go head to head with Konami’s Pro Evolution Soccer team. And each year football fans alike have their difference of opinion. Before I start this review, I am going to categorically put it out there. I used to be a PES fanboy. There, I have said it. But over the past few years I have been swaying over to the dark side, and after writing this review, I think it will become evident that I am no longer a PES fanboy, but a proud FIFA fanboy.

Well that spiel was worthy of winning any presidential election. But why have I changed? Let’s find …”

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