Far Cry coming to Xbox 360

Far Cry coming to Xbox 360

Published On January 11, 2006 | By Russ Clow | News

Ubisoft today announced that their popular Far Cry series will be hitting the Xbox 360 in Spring 2006.

Going by the name of Far Cry: Predator, the game will feature both a new title from Ubisoft: Far Cry InstinctsTM Next Chapter (working title), and also a reworked and revamped version of the original Far Cry: Instincts game.

Far Cry Instincts on the Xbox 360 will apparently captivate gamers with its enhanced graphical reality and gameplay.

The game will feature advanced pathfinding and new enemy and vehicle AI to cater for improved chase scenes and more enemies on your screen at a time.

The original PC version was a big hit and captured the imagination of many gamers throughout the world, it will be interesting to see if the sequel can do better.

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