Far Cry 3 Will Look 'Incredible'

Far Cry 3 Will Look ‘Incredible’

Published On June 16, 2011 | By Lee Matthews | News

Producer Dan Hay has spoken of his views on what Far Cry 3 will look like when it’s released on the PS3 and 360. He is aiming for the first person shooter to look “incredible” on the PS3 and “fantastic” on the Xbox 360 and they will “definetly” replicate the experience shown at this years Far Cry 3 E3 demo.

Speaking with CVG Dan said, “Far Cry is a franchise born on PC, so we want to make sure with the PC experience you can dial it to 11. But at the same time we’ve got a ton of experience working on Xbox 360 and PS3, and for us making sure that they’re on parity with that stuff is incredibly important.”

“So we want to make sure that if you’re playing it on PS3 it looks incredible, and if you’re playing on the 360 it’s unbelievable, sounds amazing and looks fantastic,”

“We’re looking for the experience of anything that contracts from the great characters that we have, the really cool story, the experience that the player’s going to have, the immersion… that we hit it with a hammer.”

If the game is anything like it’s E3 demo then gamers will be in for a real treat when Far Cry 3 is eventually released.

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