Exclusive Bioshock Preview

Exclusive Bioshock Preview

Published On August 31, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

There are times in life when you get to see a game so amazing that you are left without words. With so many sequels and same-feel sports games out there, it can feel like nothing truly great is out there to discover.

Being at GC2006 in Leipzig was a true eye-opener for me since I got to see so many great games and managed to get hands-on with most of them. Looking at my itinerary for the day I noticed I had 2K gamessitting there waiting to be seen. With getting to see so many developers and publishers in one day, it was getting difficult to remember who made what.

Heading off to 2K’s lavishly decorated and spacious booths it was pretty clear what the game was we were going to see. There are times you get to see a truly amazing game and this happened to be a time when I got to see two amazing games back to back. Bioshock and The Darkness. The Darkness I will save for another day because I am here to talk about the wonders of Bioshock.

Exclusive Bioshock Preview

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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