Epic Dropping More Gears 2 Hints

Epic Dropping More Gears 2 Hints

Published On November 6, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

You may have remembered back in June that Epic Games suggested it’s next project would be Gears of War 2. Well, today Epic have dropped their biggest hint yet that that is about to become a reality.

In an interview with CVG, Epic president Mike Capps said:
We’ve spent time developing a rich universe for Gears, and the story is absolutely larger than the one told in the game. One could even argue that the ending cinematic leaves room for a sequel.”

But Capps did state that there are no plans as of yet and that the developers “have a fair amount of rest and relaxation to worry about first”

CliffyB, the games lead designer, added:
“We’ll wait for the gamers out there to play through the game before coming to any conclusions about future products. I love the universe and everything involved in it and if the game does amazingly well I wouldn’t rule anything out!”

Originally Written By: Scott Webber

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