EGM Talk Halo 3

EGM Talk Halo 3

Published On October 3, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

OMG kdwejd fifr flrgv rfeglsa df vfgbn (think before you speak Swifty, think before you speak). Get ready to sit and look at a single magazine page for approximately 7 months (worked out using our uber super Monster computers) and no this isn’t porn, this is EGM’s exclusive Halo 3 feature were talking about.

Today it was revealed that the next EGM magazine will feature a huge article on the game of games Halo 3. Halo Wars stole the show at X06 (mainly because Bungie didn’t bring anything Halo 3 to the show), but Bungie are making up for Halo 3’s absence by revealing some interesting facts in the next EGM.

The game will un-doubtedly take the world by storm and what we call ‘social lifes’ will simply become a thing of the past once this beauty is released. Gears of War is the game that will fill the gap between now and Halo 3’s release, but once it is released every other game will just be forgotten (again all this was worked out using our uber computers).

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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