Edited Halo 3 Advertisements

Edited Halo 3 Advertisements

Published On December 8, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

The chaps over at Joystiq recently gave gamers the chance to submit there own edited version of the new Halo 3 advertisement. Of course being Halo 3 they were sent a ton of videos and they managed to pick a few for your viewing pleasure.

We also found a couple to add so in case anyone has yet to see them take a look at the below.

This first video is our personal favourite and features the new Halo 3 ad with the Pirates of the Caribbean themetune playing in the background. We like how the music changes with the trailer they go together perfectly. We especially liked how the music faded out a bit when Master Chief started running and then it faded back in when he jumped. Generally a good video as you will see below.

This next video done by MyLastLullaby features some lyrics from Devil May Cry and again the two games seem to go together perfectly.

This one from Joystiq by [email protected] features the Requiem for a Dream soundtrack and it just sounds amazing.

This final video shows the Master Chief is just like us gamers, he simply cannot win a war without some music blaring through his oversized headset.

Thats all for now but kudos to Xbox360Fanboy/Joystiq for getting people to make these awesome videos for our viewing pleasure.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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