EA to make FIFA games until 2014

EA to make FIFA games until 2014

Published On April 28, 2006 | By Console Monster | News

Tomorrow (no wait today) sees the release of the next generation world cup football game FIFA World Cup 2006 from EA. Now everyone knows EA have been creating each and every FIFA game since the dawn of man (I may have slightly exaggerated there). It seems EA don’t want to stop at 2006, today they officially announced that they have completed a deal which will see FIFA games being made up until 2014.

The great thing about dealing with FIFA is that EA get every shirt, player, club, stadium, commentators even the official footballs. With all that crammed into a football game, it’s no wonder why EA’s FIFA series is so popular with football fans of the world.

Gehrard Florin had this to say about the new deal: “Renewing our strategic partnership with FIFA will enable us to continue to deliver the most authentic football titles to fans who have helped to make our FIFA games the most successful football videogame franchise in the world,

Keep an eye out for the full review of FIFA World Cup 2006 within the next couple of days right here at 360Monster.

Originally Written By: Lee Matthews

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