EA Chicago take on Marvel

EA Chicago take on Marvel

Published On July 27, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

At this years Comic-con EA Games have announced that EA Chicago will spearhead a new Super Hero fighting Franchise under the Marvel license.

Kudo Tsunoda, General Manager and Vice President, EA Chicago, commented;

“We looked at past comic-based games to find out what was missing and what was needed to successfully translate the intensity, excitement and fiction from comics into fighting games. We’re challenging ourselves to make a game that delivers on the Super Hero promises of past top-tier fighting games.”

Justin Lambros, Vice President of Interactive, Marvel Entertainment also stated;

”Marvel Super Heroes are a natural fit in the fighting game genre, so we’re excited to have Kudo and his team of fighting game experts put these characters toe-to-toe against each other on next generation consoles. This is a game that will deliver to both comic book fans and to fighting game diehards.”

Tsunoda noted that;

“Featuring a great all-star line-up of Marvel Super Heroes and Super Villains with incredible powers that are authentic to the fiction, huge environments and a living world that keeps the gameplay fresh, every battle will be unique; every battle will be like a first edition.”

Comic die hards and gamers can also tune in to TV GAME HEAD on Friday, August 31st at 01:00am ET for the unveiling and behind-the-scenes of the next Marvel game.

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