EA announce new XBLA website

EA announce new XBLA website

Published On April 12, 2007 | By Russ Clow | News

EA today informed 360Monster of a new Community based Xbox Live Arcade website they have launched. The news comes hot off the heels of Boom Boom Rocket’s launch.

The site, which you can access at www.ea.com/arcade features all the latest screenshots, videos, in-depth information, and news on arcade titles.

Ben Swanson, Community Manager at EA, tells us: “Through the XBLA forums on the site we will be publishing a steady stream of content including exclusive interviews with developers, reviews of classic EA titles from the Genesis and beyond, supplementary fiction and assets created by fans, community member profiles, as well as online contests and events. We are also trying to start an initiative where we can highlight great independent developers that aren’t getting enough exposure.

We have also tried to create a place for people to talk about their own projects, their favorite independent developers and just about anything else that might be on their minds, feeding the best and latest threads straight onto the home and title specific pages.”

Make sure you check out the site, as there is a quite fancy video of one of Boom Boom’s Producers playing the game blindfolded!

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