Devil May Cry 4: The Wait Continues For PS3 Owners

Devil May Cry 4: The Wait Continues For PS3 Owners

Published On February 4, 2008 | By David Wriglesworth | News

Those of you who are looking to pick Devil Mary Cry 4 this Friday for the PlayStation 3 may want to plan ahead. When the disc is inserted into the console, it takes a whopping 22 minutes to install. You’ll also be disappointed to know, the XBOX 360 version of the game is playable straight away even though there’s no difference between the load times.

Despite this, the PlayStation 3 version of Devil May Cry 4 is still more popular than the XBOX 360 version in Japan with five copies of the PS3 version sold for every one copy of the 360 version. This is down to the poor sales of XBOX 360s in Japan but will it be the same story in the UK? We’ll just have to wait and see.

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