Details: Condemned: Bloodshot

Details: Condemned: Bloodshot

Published On June 27, 2007 | By Luke De'ath | News

I’m writing this from under my bed sheets, we’ve just got word that Condemned: Bloodshot the sequal to the scariest Xbox 360 title to date will be featured in this months OXM [Official Xbox Magazine]

Condemned: Bloodshot promises to be more disturbing and twisted with over 30 weapons, brand new hand-to-hand combat mechanics and Xbox Live game modes we can’t wait.

You obviously play as Mr. Ethan Thomas an Forensic Investigator who quit the force after the events in the first Condemned, Ethan has gone off the beaten track, drinking, smoking, picking fights until his partner disappears.

Currently slated for a Spring ’07 release date it won’t be long until your back in the sh.. thick of it. Let us know if you’ll be purchasing the next issue of OXM by leaving your comments below.

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