Demo: The Club

Demo: The Club

Published On January 22, 2008 | By Luke De'ath | News

Sega and Bizarre Creations finally release a demo that our friends across the pond can download for one of the most exciting games of 2008 – The Club.

The demo recently released in Europe and Australia has been met with mixed reception. You can find out our thoughts later next month when we get Hands-On with this title.

Demo: The Club (North America)

  • The Prison environment; a disused crumbling, tomb-like Federal Penitentiary, lying in a remote region of one of the less glamorous Rustbelt states.
  • One playable character exclusive to the Xbox LIVE® Marketplace version of the demo (Renwick, a tough, no nonsense, NYPD Detective whose investigations brought him too close to The Club™).
  • Single player modes ‘Sprint’ and ‘Time Attack’.
  • Multiplayer split-screen.

Size: 1.36GB

If you’re from America or have played the demo before let us know your thoughts via the comment box below.

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